No, it’s just a size 4, ex cheerleader. This is why I don’t believe in karma. Myself and my other roommate (who I’m not speaking for and is lucky because she seems to be a deep sleeper) usually work late. When I mean late, I mean that I got home at 3AM and that wasn’t unusual. (Then I had to wait for my other roommate who I actually like to get out of the bathroom, she was playing a game on her ipad on the toilet, so I could take a shower because I STUNK SO BAD). This bitch knows that. She is lucky to have a relatively easy job that she works for 6-8 hrs (on the long end) and gets off around 11PM every night at the latest.

I am quiet when I come in. She, meanwhile gets up somewhere from 8-930 every morning and then proceeds to make a shit load of noise. That is not an exaggeration. I couldn’t explain to ppl all of the loud noises before but just now there was the fucking blender. That’s one. Maybe someone w a low iq who’s never worked those hours could not realize that 8 is early but today…TODAY…TODAY…

She fucking scheduled a phone call w her bf at 530 in the morning. Her alarm went off. Then she called him and talked to him for an hour IN OUR FUCKING BEDROOM. I make most of my phone calls on the balcony. I am not asking that much. Go to the fucking kitchen at 530 in the morning. Too TIRED??? First, fuck you. Second…make it to the couch in the living room and talk there w the fucking bedroom door shut.

I almost got up but that’s ridiculous and I’m so fucking sore. So now when I come in at nights, I’m gonna have to fucking sleep on that couch until she gets up and then come in the bedroom and continually shut the door until she gets it.

I was on fruits and dishes from 330-past 2. N buses. I do not have the fucking patience/energy for this. I gotta be at work again tonight, doing the shit work. If I want to be able to function I might have to go back to sleep after she leaves, which is ridiculous because I have other shit that I need/want to do in my life too. NEVER have a literal ROOMMATE if that is an option in your life.

If she tries to talk to me today, I’m ignoring her. OMG!!!

There are good days, I swear, this is not one of them.



I don’t know. I wanted it.
Walt Disney on Disneyland via Heritage class (also the same reason I did the DCP )

"I’m arguing for Wild Moments, because you never know what your last one will be."

work, school & stuff

So right now things are decent/good? & I applied for an extension for the hell of it. I’ll never get it. I only applied for the stuff I had really wanted before that’s super competitive. Plus it would totally jack my school stuff up but it’s a tech school that’s money hungry & they take ppl back years later so months isn’t going to jeopardize it all if it did happen. I also plan to attend as many of these auditions as I’m able to. I don’t have any dance or acting background but I’m silly. lol. & living in Hong Kong? That would be awesome. I’ll totally repeatedly make a fool of myself trying out for that.

Might go on a beach trip tomorrow. Not sure.

This is so random and probably know what knows what I’m talking about, lol.


Alexander Skarsgård as Meekus on Zoolander (2001)

- When you’re in Starbucks, how many people yell out “Orange Mocha Frappucino!”?
- It happened more than once, yes.


Had my #weave done and now I’m ready for my close up 📷 http://ift.tt/1rIZOnF


Had my #weave done and now I’m ready for my close up 📷 http://ift.tt/1rIZOnF